Route 101

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A state police officer stops a car cruises along at 22mph in a 55mph zone.

That was way too slow he thought, and he pulled it over. As the car pulled aside to a complete stop, he saw the driver was an old lady, along with four others – one in front, and three in the back – looked shaken and didn’t say a word.

“Ma’am, driving too slow can cause problems to other drivers too.”

“I was driving exactly at the speed limit, Officer! Twenty-two miles an hour.
The officer smiled and told her that she was on Route 22, but the speed limit was 55.
“Oh, I see. I’m sorry Officer, that was my mistake.”
“Well then, drive safely and I’ll let you go now” said the Officer.

However, he couldn’t help but asking,

“Ma’am, is everyone OK here? They are very quiet and have not blink once this whole time.”
“Oh, they’ll be fine soon. We’ve just got off of Route 101.